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Mrs. Darshna Rawat

Practising Clinical Psychologist Associate (RCI Registered) and Psychotherapist

I have an experience of working as a psychologist for 4 years at a clinical setup in Surat. I have been working with adults and children with various mental heath disorders. Along with providing psychotherapy to adults, I have also been administering various psychometric assessments for both children and adults. I have also have an experience of working as a consulting psychologist at an NGO for cancer patients by helping patients and their families in dealing with emotional and psychological issues. I use eclectic approach of psychotherapy and have a keen interest in humanistic and psychodynamic schools of psychotherapy.

As a mental health professional and personally, I believe that one cannot heal in a day but one can start the process with a voice of compassion and self- acceptance and therefore I intend to provide a space to my patients wherein they can feel safe and grow emotionally. My personal mission statement is to promote optimal mental health amongst individual, families, and community beginning with self-awareness and self-love.

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